Thanks for checking out our comic!  After Life is a comic strip about Albert, a man that has been in Hell for a very long time.  He learns the sad truth that there is no Heaven!  Everyone spends eternity, after they die on earth, in Hell.  

This strip starts off after some time has passed and Albert has started to date and meet other people in Hell.  He is ready to get back on the saddle and into the dating world, and he will be damned if living in Hell, is going to stop him! 

The comic will be going live on Valentines day 2018 and then can be found every Tuesday here and a day early on Patreon!



Tonya’s art is the art that you are enjoying!  Usually you can find her drawing dragons, but she is excited to be working on this new project.  She has been drawing ever since she was a child.   You can find her work all over the country and her dragons here!


Ross is behind all the writing.  He and Tonya have longed to work on a collaboration ever since they met.  He came up with this idea and when he pitched it to Tonya, she was hooked!  This is his first published work.